A Dog's Guide to Adventure

The place to find inspiration and practical tips for your next great adventure with your four-legged companion.

What's the next adventure awaiting you and your pup?

A Dog’s Guide to Adventure

Webster’s dictionary offers two definitions for adventure. One is a daring, hazardous undertaking. The second is an unusual, stirring, often romantic experience. Personally, this word conveys so much more. Adventure is wind in your face as you stand at the peak of a long hike. It is waking up early to start on a road trip. Adventure is making new friends and creating new experiences. And all of these can be so much better with a four-legged companion. For me, that companion is a 40-lb black mutt, but whoever your companion is I hope that this blog can offer some good advice and inspire more adventures for all of you.

“The Dog Adventure Guide” is a blog created to combine two of my passions – outdoor adventures and veterinary medicine. As the name states, the focus of this blog will be on outdoor activities with dogs with helpful tips from a veterinarian along the way. However, I also hope to incorporate a few blog articles on adventures with other companion animals as well as a few posts about my own veterinary adventures.  

Please explore this site and find a topic that interests you. And if you have any suggestions for a post or questions you would like to see if I have an answer to, don’t hesitate to post in the comments section on the blog posts.

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